When storing your goods, please make use of some of the helpful tips and suggestions below. Using decent boxes, wrapping and covers helps. Breakage due to poor packing is a common occurrence.



We offer different sized units: 2x2m, 3x3m, 5x3m, 6x3m. Please contact us to assist you in selecting the right size unit.

Be sure to:

  • Talk to Management
  • Match unit size
  • Confirm your booking
  • Supervise offloading
  • Supervise storing


Secure Packing will reduce any chance of breakages. We encourage you to use robust boxes and bubblewrap.


  • Use Quality Packaging material
  • Use just 1 or 2 different size boxes to make stacking easier
  • Pack heavy and light items together
  • Pack heavy boxes at the bottom to avoid crushing lighter boxes


For security reasons, our grounds are strictly access-controlled. We are open 08:00 to 17:00 (Weekdays) and 08:00 to 12:00 (Saturdays).

It helps to:

  • Position items for ease of access
  • Label each box carefully
  • Avoid using plastic for packing
  • Do not store perishables or prohibited materials